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Quality Policy

ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015 / ISO 22000:2018 / ISO 45001:2018 / BRC GS V6

GOODSEAL Company For Packaging adopts the production of (packing and packaging materials) by providing its products of Aseptic bags with high-quality specifications, in addition to improving the performance of quality, safety, environment, and food safety in all operations through the following:

Commitment to the requirements of the company's quality system and improving this system in order to achieve the company's goal and to be the leader by providing its customers with high-quality products.


Selecting and Employee the best human competencies and working to raise their efficiency through awareness and training by using the latest methods with specialized Accreditation bodies.


Selecting the best reputable suppliers to provide us with the basic materials according to approved manufacturing specifications and working to increase competitiveness through a periodic suppliers evaluation.


The company is taking care to comply with all legislation and laws regarding product quality, safety, and food safety requirements and it follows up closely on any changes in these legislations and laws.


The company is taking care to provide a healthy and safe work environment to ensure the safety of workers and the place and maintain the environment legislation through annual environmental measurements and take the necessary actions to reduce negative influences.


The company is taking care to dispose of industrial, and hazardous waste in a safe manner to reduce pollution and maximize its use in accordance with international laws and legislation.


The company seeks to increase the rapprochement between employees through participation and consultation with them and by providing for all their needs.


The company works to maintain the sustainability of all processes by identifying, evaluating, and providing innovative solutions for all administrative risks, and studying issues that may affect the implementation of all strategic goals, and maximizing the necessary development and improvement opportunities.


We work on updating, reviewing, and describing the policy annually to comply with any changes.


The company does its best to inform employees and interested parties of this policy through posters, workshops, and the company’s website.


This policy helps us to achieve our vision and legitimate goals to raise the company level and the services provided through it.