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Who we are

GoodSeal Packaging – the Middle East and North Africa’s prime supplier of aseptic bags and bag-in-box (BiB) solutions.

We are an internationally certified liquid packaging solution provider – and we’re on a mission to set the standard for sustainable, reliable, superior quality packaging borne out of innovation, partnership, and transparency.

Established in 2019, GoodSeal produces, a global leader in liquid packaging solutions, and is a member of the Aseptic Bag Manufacturers Association (ABMA) , an organization that promotes the development and sustainability of the aseptic solutions market. Our fully automated 10,000 sqm plant is operated with the support of over 50 employees, boasting more than 30 years of experience in food safety and packaging.

GoodSeal is owned by Egypt joint-stock company United Company for Glass Containers (UGC) – a pharmaceutical-grade glass packaging producer with over 350 employees.


What we offer

We’ve worked tirelessly to develop products that preserve the quality and freshness of your product. We offer a wide variety of both industry standard and custom GoodSeal designated film structures – from 2 litre bag-in-box to 220 litre aseptic drum bags – for anyone wanting to safely store and ship liquids without refrigeration.

High quality packaging

Our aseptic bags are produced with FDA-certified resins, meet superior ACP quality standards, and are sterilized through gamma irradiation to maintain your product’s barrier and shelf life. At our state-of-the-art labs, we customize fittings, caps, and valves, and produce bags with clear, opaque, or metalized film. 



At GoodSeal, we know that having a great product simply isn’t enough – and so we invest in R&D highly qualified staff that can offer outstanding resale and after-sale services. We’ve also taken the time to cultivate a strong supply chain equipped for foreign trade.


We approach our products with curiosity and planning, and utilize dedicated research and development efforts to constantly introduce improvements to our materials and methodologies


We put quality at the forefront of our checklist, and ensure that clients receive best-in-class products that serve their exact needs


We support our partners through extensive after-sales services and open channels of communication which allow us manage successful, long-term relationships


We look toward the future, and aim to create sustainable processes that will streamline our production process and decrease environmental impact on our surrounding communities



GoodSeal is based in 10th of Ramadan City, Egypt, and currently has an operating agent in Kenya. The company is currently looking to further expand its partnerships across Africa and the MENA region. 

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Not sure where to start?

Our team members are ready to answer any of your questions. Contact us and we will find you the right fit.